Contractors Insurance Policy in Bountiful, UT

Protecting you from the ground up

Part of being a contractor is being independent. You have the freedom to walk any road you like, never tied down, and paving the path that best fits your company.

Who needs Contractor’s Insurance?

Every single contractor.

If your business interacts with other companies or individuals, you’re already at risk. You’re vulnerable as a contract worker because one mistake, lawsuit, or settlement could bankrupt you and your business. But just because you’re independent, doesn’t mean you can’t have support.

Our Path to Protection for contractors ensures that you are protected to the same extent as a large company, but with all the customization your operation deserves.

Contractors cover a wide range of occupations so your policy will be as individual as your business.

We’re proud to have worked with and understand the needs of our local electricians, HVAC specialists, construction workers, excavation experts, plumbers, landscapers, interior decorators, painters, janitors, and repair men.

This type of contract work can put you at an increased and dangerous risk of injury or accident. At SIG, our agents are familiar with the hazards that come with these occupations so we know what protections work best. It’s also important to remember that if one of your employees or even a subcontractor causes the injury or damage, you can be held financially liable. Nothing should keep you from your craftsmanship, so when accidents happen, our Contractor’s General Liability covers property damage and bodily injury and keeps your operation on schedule.

At Stratford Insurance Group, it’s our mission to help you understand your options so you can feel secure. Our agents will patiently explain your policy opportunities and carefully listen to what individual needs your particular business may have. Contractors professional Liability is a great enhancement to your businesses growing needs, especially since the majority of general liability policies will exclude your work, design flaws, or simply making an error in the installation. You may or may not want to add Advertising Personal Injury Insurance to protect against libel or slander claims, Contract Liability to cover contract disputes, Commercial Auto, or Cyber Liability for example.

Contractor Insurance can help ensure your projects run smoothly and give you the reassurance that when things don’t go as planned, you are protected and your SIG agents are here to get you back on track. And to be sure you’re satisfied, our 6 Month Check Up gives us an opportunity to check in with you to make sure you’re still happy with your coverage.

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Additional coverages to consider

Workers Comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is made up of two roads leading to security: one that benefits the workers and one that benefits the employer. Together, they provide a safeguard that covers everyone.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance will be the perfect and complete Path to Protection and for others it will be one of the pivotal stepping stones that makes up the larger path to comprehensive coverage.