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During the COVID-19 restrictions our full staff is working either in our office or at home. You can continue to call, text, or email us if you have questions or need help with your insurance coverage.


Our Path

Leads to you

Stratford Insurance Group has been guiding our neighbors in the Utah and Intermountain West down the Path to Protection for over a decade. We provide personalized support and full-service insurance to individuals and businesses to ensure you are protected in all your adventures.

What is The Path to Protection? They say that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. We say it’s both. It’s true that if you take a plane across the country that you get there faster, but you also miss all the beautiful scenery and interesting stops along the way. For an insurance policy, the destination is always affordable coverage. As for the journey, at SIG we feel that you can get a rushed policy from someone who doesn’t remember your name, or you can work with one of our SIG agents who will guide you through The Path to Protection–our perfected intake process that makes sure we don’t miss a single detail that would affect your coverage.

Another part of our Path to Protection is making sure all our clients know that you aren’t just along for the ride on this adventure–you’re our co-pilots. SIG agents will not only take the time to get to know you and your situation, we’ll also patiently make sure you understand exactly what your coverage means. It’s important to us that you know we’re on this path together. Let’s get started.


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Your Path

To protection


Account Review

Our first step is to always listen to your particular situation and unique needs. The more details we have, the stronger and more personalized the policy we can build for you.


We Shop For You

Our agents take what they’ve learned of your situation and preferences and then comb through options from more than 20 of the top carriers around to match you with policy choices which best fit your specifications.


Present Options

Together, we’ll go over the policies we’ve found that are the best fit for you and help you compare and contrast them in easy to understand terms. You ultimately know what is best for you and it’s our job to help you feel informed and confident in your decisions.


Coverage Begins

Once we both know what you want, our agents don’t waste any time implementing it so your coverage is active as soon as possible. Your protection is important and we don’t want you waiting a day longer than you have to.


Check Up After Six Months

Stratford Insurance won’t just set you up with coverage and then forget about you–with SIG, it’s an ongoing and evolving relationship. We check in with you after six months to make sure that you are still happy with your policy and that nothing in your life has changed in a way that might unknowingly affect your coverage. If you’re not satisfied, we want to know.


Our Path

When you follow Stratford’s Path to Protection, you are partnering up with some of the most expert agents in the field of insurance to walk with you through the process of becoming a fully covered individual, family, or business. Along that journey we encourage you to stop for a moment and check out our latest three blog articles below.

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