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Life is a series of risks, whether it’s driving to work or finally taking that dream vacation. A person can spend their whole life trying to avoid even the slightest chance of danger and miss out on so much. That’s not us. We see the beauty and awe of this world and chart a course to explore it.


You’ve got to be prepared though, because there will always be bumps along the way. The truth is, without Personal Health Insurance, one bump in the road, one visit the hospital can bankrupt you. Healthcare costs keep rising and it’s not uncommon for the cost of a major medical event to run into 6 figures.


Stratford Personal Health Insurance benefits take this heavy burden off your shoulders and allow you to get the treatment you need without worrying if you can afford it.


Do you need a Utah Health Insurance Policy even if you’re healthy?
Yes, it’s the law.


Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) there is a penalty for choosing not to have Health Insurance which would be a really unpleasant surprise come tax season. More importantly, everyone needs healthcare from time to time. You deserve to be healthy and preventative care is the most important way to stay healthy–but this care is nearly impossible to get without insurance.


The Health Insurance market is complicated and constantly changing–let us handle all that for you and bring you along the Path to Protection. At Stratford Insurance Group, we understand that looking into obtaining Personal Health Insurance can be intimidating. You’re wading into all those laws, regulations, enrollment periods, and range of options with an almost endless stream of acronyms. But this is what we do and our SIG agents can explain it all in plain language. We are painstakingly up to date on all the current regulations and will make sure any and all of your legal obligations will be met so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered.

Personal Health Insurance has a great many options and types to choose from, whether you need a family or individual plan. Each will have their own pro’s vs con’s, cost vs benefits to weigh. At Stratford Insurance, we will patiently go over your situation and individual needs to help you decide which one you’ll get the most out of.


Our agents will patiently talk you through from inquiry to enrollment. They’ll carefully explain the differences between PPO, HMO, and POS plans. It’s your journey and we want you to feel comfortable deciding which make the most sense for you. Our SIG agents can help you choose your carrier, plan, and any optional add ons you’ll need, like Dental Insurance, Vision, and Prescription Coverage.


If traditional insurance isn’t what you need, maybe you’re between jobs and just need a couple of months of coverage, you may want to consider short-term options like Catastrophic Insurance. Catastrophic is a low-premium, high-deductible policy that focuses on protecting you from burdensome hospital bills were you to have a major medical event like a car crash or heart attack. This is a good choice if you’re self-employed and healthy.


With our years of experience in Personal Health Insurance, we have built relationships with carriers across the country so we’re able to give you wider access to a variety of plans. As an independent agency, we don’t work for any one insurance company, so we’re able to search for a policy that fits your needs at your budget. We want you to feel satisfied with your choice and that’s why all of our policies come with a 6 Month Check Up, so we can touch base with you to make sure you’re still happy with your coverage.


Your health is important. Stratford Insurance Group can help you do everything you can to keep it by offering you our Path to Protection.

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Additional coverages to consider


We can never be sure where the road of life will take us and Umbrella Insurance is that extra layer of protection for your financial security on your Path to Protection.


Your house is not just wood and siding and tile. It’s your home, your family’s place of safety, and will probably be the biggest, most important purchase you’ll ever make. Protect it.