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Stratford Insurance Group is there to get you where your path in life is taking you, even when that path is washed out by rising waters.


Do you know if you live in a flood zone?


You do.


According to FEMA, everyone lives in a flood zone–the only question is: what is the level of your risk?


Floods, and particularly flash floods, can hit anywhere without notice–coastal, inland, mountains, valleys, desert, and farmlands. All 50 states and all climates.


Yet only 12% of Americans have Flood Insurance.


The expense of recovering from even a minor flood can be crippling. It only takes a couple inches of water to cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to a building and flooding damage isn’t usually covered under Homeowners or Property Insurance.


For Utah residents, Flood Insurance isn’t just a life raft, it’s the knowledge that you can do more than stay afloat–you can get your life back to normal. You have Stratford agents ready to get you there.


Without it, it’s possible any money you’d been saving for a rainy day, could be eaten up by an actually rainy day.

But it’s not just rain that causes flood damage.
Winter storms, springtime snow melt, and coastal flooding can all cause substantial water damage. Areas prone to wildfires are at a particularly increased risk of flooding since after a fire, the ground becomes unable to absorb normal rainfall for as long as five years.


Sometimes the source is man-made, like when new construction inadvertently alters the grounds normal drainage patterns shifting runoff your way. Dams and levees can fail, sometimes within hours of any sign of leaking or breakdown, spilling loose whole rivers and reservoirs that can level towns.

Floods can strike in any season without warning, but flood insurance has a standard 30-day waiting period before the policy becomes active so waiting until the last minute may be something you cannot afford.


In rare cases, Stratford Insurance Group may be able to find ways to waive this 30-day period, such as if the insurance purchase is in conjunction with making or renewing a mortgage loan, but this is the kind of insurance you really can’t wait until there is a flood warning to make the call.


What Does a Utah Flood Insurance Policy Cover?

Flood Insurance comes in two types: Home and Personal Property. Our agents can help you determine which is right for you.


Home Flood Insurance covers the structure of your building, things like plumbing and electrical systems, foundation, large appliances, carpeting, detached garages, and furnace, HVAC, and water heating systems.


Personal Property Flood Insurance protects the possessions inside your home. It covers items like furniture, clothing, curtains, electronics, portable appliances, bedding, food freezers and even the food inside them.


Since our agents live and work and in our community, they understand the local flood risk in our area. Our SIG agents will evaluate the specific flood risks of your location and suggest risk management solutions that can lower your premiums and help protect your investment for the long run. We’ll walk you through your options in plain English because making sure you understand your choices before you make them is the foundation of our Path to Protection.

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Additional coverages to consider


We can never be sure where the road of life will take us and Umbrella Insurance is that extra layer of protection for your financial security on your Path to Protection.


Your house is not just wood and siding and tile. It’s your home, your family’s place of safety, and will probably be the biggest, most important purchase you’ll ever make. Protect it.