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Here in the mountain region, we have breathtaking views and seemingly endless natural beauty to explore and adventure in. But nature is not always so peaceful.


Hundreds of small earthquakes are recorded every year in the state of Utah alone. Earthquakes large enough to cause serious damage tend to occur every 10 or so years. Catastrophic earthquakes hit every 50 years on average.


For the next 10 years, do you plan on still owning property? The next 50?


For most of us, our home is our most valuable financial asset, the biggest investment we’ll ever make. Earthquakes can bring it all crumbling down in an instant with no warning.


Earthquake damage is not generally covered by standard Homeowners Insurance. Given that 50 year average, we’re due for a big one. If that clock is up next month, could you afford to replace your home, your belongings, and pay for temporary housing all out of pocket?


The national Earthquake Hazards Program ranks Utah as one of the top 10 states in the country with the highest earthquake risk. We know this. It’s worth it for the stunning landscapes and close communities. What we can do is prepare.


According to the Utah Geological Survey, when (not if) a major earthquake strikes along the Wasatch fault, Utah’s most active faultline, it will cause a minimum of $40 billion of damage to buildings alone. Quakes are multi-hazard events with landslides, rock falls, foundation cracking, soil liquefaction, electrical and plumbing damage, falling rubble or trees, to name a few–so the damage is varied and widespread.


More than 80% of Utah’s population live in the Wasatch Front region.

What Does a Utah Earthquake Insurance Policy Cover?

In Utah, Earthquake Insurance provides coverage so you can repair or rebuild your home after a devastating quake. It also covers your personal property inside your home, detached structures like garages and storage sheds. Beyond the physical damage, Earthquake Insurance can compensate you for additional living expenses (ALE) for things like temporary housing, moving expenses, storage fees, and even the cost of doing laundry.


Our SIG agents have years of experience protecting our clients’ assets and as part of our Path to Protection, we will go over all your specifics to determine your individual earthquake risk and advise you on your options if a Utah Earthquake Insurance policy is best for you. Our agents can help you identify risk management opportunities to improve the safety of your residence now. Our 6 Month Check Up is a great way to ensure that you’re still happy with your policy so far and that if there have been changes to your property, we can make sure they are properly covered.


Earthquakes can almost literally turn your world upside down. Stratford Insurance wants to be there for you to help you pick up the pieces.

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Your house is not just wood and siding and tile. It’s your home, your family’s place of safety, and will probably be the biggest, most important purchase you’ll ever make. Protect it.