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If you were to map out the journey of your future, what would it look like? Is it straight? Winding? Does it climb mountains? Does it change depending on who’s with you?


Like any journey, life doesn’t always go as planned. Every adventurer with ambition is going to run into obstacles. It’s how we react to those hardships that can make all the difference in the world.


At Stratford Insurance Group, it’s our job to make sure no matter what comes your way, you can recover and get back on track quickly and easily.


We understand your needs will be completely individual so we never recommend a one-size-fits all policy. Our agents will gladly spend time getting to know you and your situation. You know your needs better than anyone else, and our agents are glad to listen. That is the foundation of building a precise, customized policy that targets all your exposures and risks without piling on coverage you don’t need.


Once our agents have gotten to know you and your risks, they will comb and search through your options to locate the policies that best fit your needs. Having built relationships with more than 20 carriers, we can track down the best coverage matches for your budget. As an independent agency, we don’t work for the insurance companies. We’re working directly for you so we can operate with your best interests in mind, always. We’ll also offer suggestions for risk management solutions specific to your circumstances that can lead to discounts in your premiums. Plus, they’ll just make your life safer, too.

We know in life that when it rains it pours, so our Utah Personal Insurance policies cover a range of options, including Liability, Health, Automotive, Homeowners, Flood, Umbrella, and Life Insurance. Everyone’s Path to Protection will be different and we’ll assist you to create a comprehensive net of coverage specific to you.


Life is always in flux, so all of our policies come with a 6 Month Check Up, to touch base with you and make sure there have been no changes in your life that may affect your coverage and, most importantly, make sure that you are happy with your policy.


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Additional coverages to consider


We can never be sure where the road of life will take us and Umbrella Insurance is that extra layer of protection for your financial security on your Path to Protection.


Your house is not just wood and siding and tile. It’s your home, your family’s place of safety, and will probably be the biggest, most important purchase you’ll ever make. Protect it.