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If you have employees, you need Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Utah.


Job-related injuries are unavoidable. Millions of workers are injured or killed at their place of employment every year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


In Utah, Workers’ Compensations Insurance is made up of two roads leading to security: one that benefits the workers and one that benefits the employer. Together, they provide a safeguard that covers all aspects of your company and puts everyone on the Path to Protection.


Accidents happen. Work-related injuries can be a direct result of someone’s work activity, like picking up heavy boxes or a Repetitive Strain Injury from typing. They could also be from a simple accident while at work like slipping on a patch of ice or taking a fall down a flight of stairs. Either way, Workers’ Comp is there to provide them with medical coverage and pay a portion of their lost wages while they heal. That way, they can fully recover and return to work more promptly.


Stratford’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance policies provides financial security for employers as well. If an employee is injured at work and claims that you’re to blame, Workers’ Compensation Insurance will prevent them from bringing a lawsuit against you. With a Workers’ Comp policy in place, instead of going after your assets, your employee’s care will be provided by your insurance. Without proper coverage you could find yourself liable for paying out-of-pocket the cost of your employee’s initial and continuing medical expenses or a huge lawsuit settlement. Most states, including Utah, legally require employers to carry Workers’ Comp and you could be subject to penalties for failing to carry the insurance in the first place.

Providing Workers’ Compensation Insurance shows your employees that you care for their wellbeing. This makes it an important part of an attractive benefits package that keeps you competitive in your field and able to attract and keep top talent. A benefits package that makes your staff feel appreciated and protected has shown to lead to more motivated workers and higher retention rates.


We understand that choosing the right Utah Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy can be confusing at first. That’s okay, it’s what we do every day. Our experienced SIG agents will sit down with you and walk you through your options in plain English to make sure that you get the coverage you need and that you understand the coverage you’re getting. We’ll build a policy that makes sense for you depending on your individual situation.


At Stratford Insurance Group, we know you depend on your employees for your day-to-day operations to run smoothly and any bump in the road can be cause for stress. The right Utah Workers’ Compensation Insurance policy minimizes the impact of those obstacles and gets you back on track. We always offer a 6 Month Check Up to touch base with you to see if you’re still fully covered and satisfied with your policy.

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