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The trucking industry has been the proud backbone of product transportation and distribution in this country for over half a century, but when you’re hauling 85,000 pounds of truck down the highway at 60mph, bad things can happen fast.


There were, on average, 241 non-fatality large truck or bus crashes every single day in 2014, according to a Department of Transportation report, and 10 fatal large truck or bus accidents each day.


Our Stratford agents have been helping trucking operations protect their businesses, cargo, and drivers with Trucking Insurance for years. It’s one of the areas of insurance we are most comfortable with and make sure our agents are up to date on all the current regulations. Whether you have a single truck or a large fleet, you’re an owner operator, motor carrier, or private carrier–we can help build a policy custom-tailored to your operation.


The first step is for our SIG agents to talk with you and learn everything they can about your operation before we determine what’s best for you. With so many options, it’s important to know you’re working with an agency that has been helping trucking companies stay on the Path to Protection for years. We have the experience and familiarity with your industry to ask all the right questions and identify all your exposures in order to keep your business protected.


Trucking Insurance is required by law, but the minimum amount of coverage required by the state isn’t nearly enough to cover you in case of a major accident, and that can be catastrophic for your business. We can offer you risk management opportunities, like driver training programs and FMCSA requirements to make your rigs safer and even lower your premiums.


Our Stratford agents will help you go over the many different types of Trucking Insurance to see what best fits the needs of your particular outfit.

  • Physical Damage provides coverage for the trucks and trailers.
  • Interchange Insurance covers physical damage to trailers that aren’t yours as part of an interchange agreement.
  • Primary Auto Liability is an insurance required by all carriers even if your rigs are leased. It protects the carrier from liability if a 3rd party is injured.
  • General Liability covers damage and injury that didn’t involve your truck, like slips and falls on your property, behavior of your drivers while making deliveries, libel and slander, and fire damage.
  • Non-Owned Trailer Liability covers trailers you are pulling for someone else.
  • Non-Trucking Liability, also known as Deadhead coverage or Bobtail coverage, insures trucks when they are not under dispatch and is indispensable for independent operations.
  • Cargo Insurance protects what you’re transporting. There may be many exclusions and restrictions so it’s important that your insurance agent is experienced with making sure you’re getting the most out of your coverage.
  • Terminal Coverage protects cargo when your trucks are parked at specified terminals for a set time.
  • Warehouse Coverage protects your cargo when being stored for longer periods of time.
  • Passenger Accident Insurance protects you from liability for injured passengers.

At SIG, we understand that just like on the road, circumstances in business can change moment to moment, so our 6 Month Check Up is a perfect opportunity to catch up with you to make sure you still have all the appropriate coverage and that you are happy with your policy.


Trucking Insurance keeps you moving. Reach out today to keep your rigs safer.

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Additional coverages to consider

Workers Comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is made up of two roads leading to security: one that benefits the workers and one that benefits the employer. Together, they provide a safeguard that covers everyone.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance will be the perfect and complete Path to Protection and for others it will be one of the pivotal stepping stones that makes up the larger path to comprehensive coverage.