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There are few things more satisfying than hosting a large gathering of your loved ones, full of hugs and laughter. But event hosting puts you at greater financial risk than you may realize, whether it’s for a wedding, birthday bash, holiday party, retirement celebration, tradeshow, fundraiser, Golf tournaments, Hole in one Insurance, or any other public or private event. You can babysit the small children near the candles and keep an eye on that one uncle who’s had too much to drink, but you can’t be everywhere at once.


Our Utah Special Event Insurance is your backup. It provides protections against loss, property damage, injury, and litigation–letting you relax and enjoy the day.


Weddings, for example, are beautiful, but also a perfect storm of risk factors. There is champagne flowing, dancing, lit candles, and teenagers and children who might not be as supervised as maybe they ought to be. It’s possible everything goes perfectly–but sometimes people slip and fall, or a child tips over a venue’s sculpture to smash on the floor. Intoxicated or rowdy attendees can cause damages to other persons or property. Physical altercations can and do break out.


If alcohol is being served without charging your guests, Liquor Host Liability Insurance is generally included. This can be invaluable protection if one of your guests gets into a drunk driving accident on their way home because the victim or the victim’s family can bring a lawsuit against whoever served them alcohol before the accident.


The litigation risk for large events is deemed so high these days that venues often require you to provide a certificate of Special Event Insurance as part of their contract.

If you’re counting on your General Liability or Homeowners Insurance to protect you, usually events with many guests aren’t covered and you could find yourself backed into a tight and very expensive corner.


Accidents are not the only party disaster that our Utah Special Event Insurance policies will protect you against. Today, the average cost for an American wedding is over $26,000. What happens if you have everything booked months in advance and then your day is rained out, or the groom is called up for military deployment, or a vendor goes out of business?


With Special Event Cancellation Insurance, you are insured against losses you would face if your event needs to be canceled or postponed. Our Stratford agents have years of experience making sure your event can go on with as little interruption as possible.


At Stratford Insurance Group, our agents will spend time to customize a policy specific to your event and needs. Before your next event, let us walk you down our Path to Protection so you can rest easy and get the most out of your important day.

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