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Group Life Insurance is a cornerstone to any competitive benefits package and shows your employees that not only do you care about them, you care about their family’s future too.


The advantage of Stratford’s Group Life Insurance policies is that the premiums are greatly reduced when compared to Individual Life Insurance policies. Basic Group Term-Life, the most common policy, offers coverage for a set period of time and is generally offered by the employer at zero cost to employees. The cost, however, is usually tax deductible. Basic Group Term-Life is quick and easy to qualify for compared to Individual Life. Acceptance is automatic and doesn’t require a medical exam.


These policies are entirely customizable and as the plan’s carrier, you get to set the rules. We’ve built relationships with over 20 carriers so we’re able to offer a huge variety of plans to choose from. Our Stratford agents can explain all your options in plain language and guide you along the Path to Protection, answering your questions along the way.


You decide the benefit ranges of the coverage you’ll offer by choosing a set dollar amount or a formula like 2 or 3 times the individual’s annual salary. You can allow your employees to purchase additional Life Insurance through the group program at increments you set. This additional coverage may require medical questionnaire and there is a chance they could be denied coverage.

You also set the parameters of who’ll qualify for your coverage–it could be open to all employees, only full-time employees, or to a certain level of wage-earners, but in order for your premium payments to be tax deductible, your policy must meet certain federal nondiscrimination standards. Our agents can help you sort out how to meet all your legal obligations while still getting the policy you’re looking for.


Our SIG agents can talk you through add-ons like Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Group Life coverage for retirees, dependents, and domestic partners, and Group Whole Life. There’s almost no limit to the amount of customization we can work into your policy.


You can put your employees and yourself on the Path to Protection with employer-sponsored Group Life Insurance. Our SIG agents will sit down with you and learn about your particular business because your needs will be entirely your own. That’s why it’s so important you can build such a customized policy. We know things are always changing so we’ll meet up again for your 6 Month Check Up to be sure that you’re satisfied with your coverage.

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