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Group Health Insurance is, unquestionably, the most valued and sought after job benefit a business can offer.


It’s consistently listed as the #1 desired benefit across the board. Some studies have even shown that employees say they would accept lower wages if it meant having employer sponsored Health Insurance. The right Group Health Insurance plan keeps you competitive in your field, allows you to attract and retain top talent. Plus, it shows that you sincerely care about the wellbeing of your workers and the future of your company.


Group Health Insurance has been shown to increase employee retention and performance. Which makes sense, because when your workers are able to affordably access the medical care they need, especially preventative care, they are less likely to use sick days, have greater productivity, better office morale, and report higher job satisfaction.


If your operation is legally considered a business in your state, you will automatically be approved for Group Health Insurance when you apply. No business is denied. Currently, businesses with 50 or more employees are legally obligated to offer Health Insurance coverage and Stratford Insurance Group can set that up for you. If you have fewer than 50 employees, Health Insurance isn’t a mandate, but it is instrumental in determining the quality and efficiency of your team.


So even if you’re worrying the upfront expense, Group Health Insurance leads to happier, more qualified, more efficient, and more loyal workers than you might have otherwise.

At Stratford Insurance Group, we understand that trying to wade into the ever changing systems and regulations of employer sponsored Health Insurance can be intimidating. Health Insurance has become more complicated than ever, but our agents have years of experience helping business owners like you understand all your options and build plans that produce healthy workers and healthy businesses.


Our SIG agents will guide you from the information exploration step all the way through enrollment process. We take the time to go over your individual operation to determine what makes the most sense for you, your business, and your employees. With our longtime connections, you’ll have many options and opportunities for customization so you get the coverage you want–no more, no less. With our help, you select the carrier, the plan, the types of coverage, and whether or not the insurance will be extended to the families of your employees.


Our agents have years of experience helping other businesses walk the Path to Protection and we stay painstakingly up to date on all the current laws and requirements. We can patiently and clearly answer all your questions and concerns, and walk you through your obligations to the ACA (Affordable Care Act/Obamacare,) HIPAA, COBRA, and IRS healthcare regulations.


At Stratford Insurance group, we know how important your employees are to you. We’re here to help you support them in a way that will benefit both of you and keep everyone happy and healthy. Because we know situations are always changing, our 6 Month Check Up is a great opportunity to touch base with you and make sure you’re still satisfied with your coverage. From exploring your options to enrollment, your SIG agent is there for you to lend a hand.

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