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For most Utah businesses, General Liability Insurance, sometimes called Business Liability or Commercial General Liability, is the essential, must-have insurance policy.


Oftentimes, General Liability is purchased as part of a package such as a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) or a customized commercial bundle, but if you’re a small independent contractor and don’t need to cover payroll, for example, a larger policy with all the bells and whistles might not make sense for you. A General Liability policy will target your main legal exposures.


In Utah, General Liability Insurance protects you from claims brought against your business regarding property damage, personal injury, and libel. If someone trips at your business and injuries themselves, or a customer’s property is accidentally broken, or someone sues you for making false claims in your advertising, General Liability is there.


Lawsuits can cost your business more than just money (and they can cost a lot of that while they’re a it.) Lawsuits are also serious causes of bad publicity and can irreparably damage the reputation of a business. General Liability Insurance can cover legal and defense costs when a lawsuit is filed. In fact, some General Liability Insurance policies can give you unlimited defense coverage and your General Liability limits could be reserved for the damages we have mentioned. If you are found legally liable for the damages, General Liability will cover the cost of the settlement up to your set policy limit. Being able to settle swiftly can be invaluable when you want to resolve a legal battle quietly.

For some Utah businesses, General Liability Insurance will be the perfect and complete Path to Protection and for others it will be one of the pivotal stepping stones that makes up the larger path to comprehensive coverage.


At Stratford Insurance Group, our agents will patiently go over your operation with you to see what your risks are and explain what it all means. Our 6 Month Check Up will give us an opportunity to make sure you’re happy with your choices. We don’t want you to get more insurance than you need and we also want to make sure you are aware of the real concerns, needs, and risks of your business.

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