Utah Commercial Property Insurance

Protecting you from the ground up

Could your business survive shutting down for several months without income?


If there was a fire and you had to close for repairs or to replace destroyed inventory and equipment, could you pay your bills in the meantime? Not to mention the costs of damages.


Our Utah Commercial Property Insurance is meant to get you through the hard times that would make other businesses fold. When bankruptcy is on the line, we make sure your business is up and running with as little interruption as possible, because whether you have a retail storefront, restaurant, office, factory, garage, or warehouse–one accident can destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.


In Utah, Commercial Property Insurance covers a lot more than people think it does. It protects the physical structure of the building from damages from events such as hail, wind, fire, burst pipes, vandalism, and losses from theft. But it also covers your outdoor fixtures like landscaping, fencing, and signs. It can also cover improvements that you have made to your location.


The building is the frame of your business, but it’s what happens within those walls that really propels forward so Commercial Property Insurance protects your property inside too. Even if you’re leasing the space, Commercial Property Insurance is still an invaluable safety net to prevent a catastrophic loss of all your possessions that make your business run like your inventory, raw materials, equipment, computers, and office supplies.

What most people don’t know is that Commercial Property Insurance also covers intangible things like accounts receivable and lost income while your operation is down for repairs. With a Utah Commercial Property Insurance policy from SIG, you won’t have to worry about how to pay your normal operating expenses or cover payroll while your business is unable to bring in income.


In any journey there will be unexpected pitfalls and storms that come out of nowhere, but if you work with us to plan ahead, you can be prepared before the storm hits. We’re not the type of insurance agency that will rush you through with one cookie-cutter policy. Our Stratford insurance agents will take the time to get to know your business and walk you through our Path to Protection, making sure you feel knowledgeable about options you have and that are the best fit for your individual situation.


It’s important to us that you understand your insurance and have a say in what your coverage will be. Our insurance agents will explain your policy in plain language, so that together, we’ll build customized insurance that addresses not only the common accidents and catastrophes that businesses like yours are most likely to run into, but also identify specific risks not always covered like earthquake, flood, or backup of sewer and drain, to make sure you’re never caught uninsured.


We know you’re always hard at work and in the world of business, things can change quickly. That’s why at Stratford Insurance Group we have a 6 Month Check Up for all our policies to ensure that you still have the insurance that is right for you and that you’re happy with the coverage you have.

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