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Car Insurance protects you from the hazards you encounter in your travels, but if you’re driving somewhere for your business when there’s an accident, your Personal Car Insurance might not cover it.


In Utah, Commercial Auto Insurance, provides protection for cars, trucks, and vans you use for your business. The coverage needs of a business vehicle are much different than your personal car. It also applies to the contents that you may carry in your vehicle like inventory, tools, or equipment. Hoping that your personal insurance will cover an accident if you are using it for business purposes could potentially be a seven-figure gamble, especially since we live in such a litigation-happy world.


Do I need Commercial Auto Insurance?

If vehicles are used in the process of doing business for any reason, you should have one of our experienced Stratford agents go over your operations to see if you need Commercial Auto coverage. Our agents are happy to look over all the details and answer your questions to make sure you’re not left unprotected.


In general, you will need Commercial Auto Insurance in Utah if:

  • You own or lease the vehicles and they are used primarily for business travel
  • You’re in the business of transporting people or goods from point A to point B
  • Your vehicles transport heavy cargo or equipment or use a trailer
  • Your employees operate vehicles you own or lease for your business
  • Your employees operate vehicles they own or lease for your business
  • The titles of the vehicles are in your business’ name
  • Do to risks specific to your industry, the limits of your Personal Car Insurance aren’t high enough to adequately shield you from potential loss.

Whether it’s just you and one car or you maintain a large fleet of vehicles for work, if you fit one or more of these conditions, you could be putting yourself at extreme financial risk if you drive without carrying Commercial Auto Insurance in Utah.


Just like Personal Car Insurance, a Commercial Auto Insurance policy shields you from the costs of an accident resulting in property, vehicle, or personal damages when you are found to be at fault.


Even if you feel that you’re a safe enough driver to risk it, that doesn’t take into account everyone else on the road. Your business can be held legally responsible if one of your employees gets into an accident.


We can help you customize your Commercial Auto Insurance policy to make sure that you not only have the coverage to fit your businesses needs by including collision insurance which covers damage to your vehicles; or medical payment insurance which covers injuries to you and your passengers no matter who is at fault; or comprehensive insurance which covers damage from hail, falling branches, flood, vandalism, theft, fire, and other covered events.


Some other things to consider adding are Uninsured/Underinsured coverage, Commercial Umbrella Insurance coverage, and Hired/ Non-Owned Car Liability coverage for when your employees drive their own cars for business. While our Path to Protection means making sure we don’t miss any vulnerabilities, it’s never our goal to pressure you. We want to make sure that that all the coverage you have is coverage you want.


Our insurance agents will patiently guide you through a specialized risk assessment and answer any questions you may have. We want you to have a very clear picture of your coverage because we know that will help you rest easier. Our SIG agents will also help identify risk reducing measures you can take which could result in significant savings.


We want all your travels to be smooth sailing. When it’s not, our Path to Protection means we’re dedicated to getting you back on the road and back to business as quickly as possible.

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