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Protecting your investment

Think of a Business Owner’s Policy as a shortcut.

As the owner of a business, if what you want from your insurance Path to Protection is convenience and savings–a Business Owner’s Policy may be for you.

For many Utah businesses, BOP Insurance is a one-stop shop for everything they need to protect itself from the risks they’re most likely to encounter. It bundles common business insurances like Commercial Property, Business Liability, and Business Interruption Insurance together into one policy.

Together, these policies cover the major issues most businesses come up against.

In Utah, Business Owner’s Policies are an efficient, time-saving, and affordable way to protect your investments where they are most vulnerable.

Our Stratford insurance agents can help you understand if it’s in your best interest that these areas of your business are covered with a Business Owner’s Policy. There are advantages to these policies that as a business owner you will benefit from. Some of these advantages are significantly cheaper premiums, no audits, and additional coverages that are automatically included instead of having to purchase them a-la-carte.

What’s covered in a Utah Business Owner’s Policy?

Commercial Property Insurance

This is your shield against disasters like hail, wind, fire, burst pipes, ice, vandalism, and theft. These are the types of things that harm the physical aspects of your business. Commercial Property protects the actual structure of the building (whether owned or leased), signs and landscaping outside it, and your equipment, inventory, supplies, computers, raw materials etc. kept inside the building.

Business Liability Insurance

We all know that, try as we might, accidents will happen. If someone were to slip and fall at your business, they could bring a claim against you. Business Liability covers legal fees, settlements, property damages, and medical payments in instances where your company has been found liable. It’s a litigation-happy world out there, but with the right preparation you can keep your investments safe.

Business Interruption Insurance

Plain and simple, having to completely shut down operations while you complete repairs is a financial burden a business may not survive. Business Interruption is that helping hand to get you over the toughest peak of your hike. It covers lost income, payroll, and accounts receivable so you’ll always be able to meet your obligations.

With those three aspects, you have protections from the most common risks that could threaten your business. Simple, easy, all bundled in one package.

Business Owner’s Policies are customizable. You can add Commercial Auto Insurance, or Flood Insurance, or Inland Marine, or whatever else your business might need. Our insurance agents will help you determine where your business is exposed to risks and help you understand exactly what your options are. With our 6 Month Check Up, we’ll make sure you’re still happy with your coverage and ensure that you’re still fully covered.

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Additional coverages to consider

General Liability

General Liability Insurance will be the perfect and complete Path to Protection and for others it will be one of the pivotal stepping stones that makes up the larger path to comprehensive coverage.

Workers Comp

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is made up of two roads leading to security: one that benefits the workers and one that benefits the employer. Together, they provide a safeguard that covers everyone.