Utah Builder’s Risk Insurance

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No matter how big or small the project, you’re going to want to be protected with Builder’s Risk insurance.


In Utah, Builder’s Risk insurance, a specialized form of business insurance that is sometimes called a Course of Construction Policy, typically covers a building and the materials inside waiting to be installed against damages while the property is either in construction or undergoing improvements.


From schematics to zoning to sourcing the right materials, your team is going over every detail of your plans to make sure the project runs smoothly. Builder’s Risk Insurance is one of those crucial elements you don’t want to forget. You can be sure our SIG agents are just as detailed with your policy as you are with your plans.


Construction, new or renovation, opens a property up to many more risks than normal day-to-day operations. The risk of fire, hail, lightning, explosion, and vandalism damage might never be greater than when a building is under construction.


Just looking at a site’s fire risk alone: In a property under construction there may be soldering, welding, and combustible materials like foam insulation–all while the fire detection and suppression measures that will be installed are often not yet in place. Add human error into the mix, and it’s a recipe for disaster.


The National Fire Incident Reporting System estimates that each year there are about 4,800 construction site fires that cause $35 million in damages.

That’s why our Path to Protection is essential for all construction projects.


At Stratford Insurance Group, this path starts with one of our experienced agents carefully going over the details of your project. Whether you’re building a towering skyscraper downtown or a cozy home in the suburbs, our agents will build a policy that suits your particular needs. We’ll identify your individual exposures and offer risk-management solutions. Certain things like earthquakes, flooding, or partial occupation aren’t always covered under a standard Builder’s Risk policy, so we’ll go over your concerns to fill in these gaps.


We know that understanding what ought to be covered in a Builder’s Risk can be confusing at first. It’s a complicated issue and that’s exactly why our agents specialize in communicating these policies in a way that makes sense, that way you don’t leave wondering if what you just purchased is what you really needed.


Work like yours can have unexpected twists and turns when not everything goes according to plan. That’s why having your Builder’s Risk insurance through SIG is a dynamic process. Our 6 Month Check Up ensures that no matter what direction this adventure takes you in, we can make sure you’re still properly covered and happy with your experience.

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