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Like embarking on any adventure, there are innumerable rewards to being an entrepreneur–but great risks too.


You’ve planned the course of your business and all the amazing places it’s going to take you. Our job as your insurance agents is to make sure that any detours you have to take along the way are short and sweet.


You put everything into your business: your time, your energy, and tremendous financial investment. So when disaster strikes, you have everything to lose.


Here at Stratford Insurance Group, you’re not just another number in the ledger to us. Your business is one-of-a-kind and it has individual risks and needs that a cookie-cutter policy from a larger company won’t be able to address and that could leave you unexpectedly unprotected. Our agents happily take the time to listen and learn about your particular operation because we understand that no one knows your business better than you.


Only half the journey is us getting to know your business–the other half is making sure you understand what your coverage is and how your policy works. Insurance is what we live and breathe, but we get that it’s probably not what you spend all day thinking about. Our agents will patiently counsel with you to develop a risk management plan so you’re not struggling to figure out your insurance at a time when you’ve got bigger things to deal with.

At SIG we know everything there is to know about protecting a business from unexpected losses. When we partner together, our agents assess your particular individual risks as well as review your current policy to find important areas where you might have been left unprotected.


Then we shop for the absolute best coverage for your budget. We’re proud to work directly with over 20 carriers and have access to several other insuring companies through partnerships to ensure you have a wide variety of options and policies. Our agents do all the groundwork, tracking down the best fit for your business, and report these opportunities back to you.


It’s important as your business grows to ensure that your coverage doesn’t have any new gaps that could leave you holding bill. Have you expanded operations? Bought any new equipment? How often have you re-evaluated your liability limits? You could find yourself underinsured or uninsured. That’s why all our clients determine at what intervals they would like a Check-Up to make sure that you’re still properly covered and satisfied with your insurance.


Your path to protection is only one leg of the journey, but having the right Utah business insurance policies in place can make everything else easier.

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Additional coverages to consider

Commercial Auto

Whether it’s just you and one car or you maintain a large fleet of vehicles for work, if you fit one or more of these conditions, you could be putting yourself at extreme financial risk if you drive without carrying Commercial Auto Insurance in Utah.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance will be the perfect and complete Path to Protection and for others it will be one of the pivotal stepping stones that makes up the larger path to comprehensive coverage.