How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay When an Employee is Injured?

How Much Does Workers’ Compensation Pay When an Employee is Injured?

I received a phone call from a client and the unthinkable occurred …

Our client frantically told me about what had just happened to their employee. In summary, while working that day, one of their key employees was cutting stone at their quarry and their hand got locked between the rock they were cutting and the blade of the saw. The pressure from the saw against the rock ended up cutting the employee from the lower end of their  thumb and through the other remaining four fingers. This employee had the unthinkable happen.

As an employer or a business owner you may have never experienced something like this and the unknown is what scares you. No one ever knows exactly how a severe accident will pan out, but today we were about to walk a client through what they could expect. The employer had several questions. Will the employee’s medical bills be paid? Can we choose which surgeon to use? Does workers’ compensation cover the lost wages? How soon can we bring this employee back to work? Is the employer going to be responsible for the accident? What about loss of her hand, mobility, or partial disability?

This was our time to shine. Insurance, in general, is often times just that booklet you keep in your filing cabinet that no one really understands, but now we needed to put it to the test.

To answer the questions from the employer …

All of the employee’s medical bills will be paid regarding the accident. In fact, this benefit is unlimited and includes rehabilitation costs. There is also a wide network of doctors and surgeons to use. The employee will obviously lose time away from work, so workers’ compensation will pay the lost wages based from the state in which the employee was injured (Utah in this case) until they can return to work. The business owner was directed on how to bring the employee back to work at a different capacity. There is also a formula for which insurance companies determine partial and permanent disability, so they would take care of that as well. The insurance company even assigned a registered nurse to the case that followed up with the injured employee on a daily basis to report improvement or other needs that the employee may have.

Injuries and claims can be scary. That’s why it is important to understand what insurance product you are purchasing, and how it affects your business. Everyone has a unique path, a different business, and everyone takes their own risks. Walking you through that path to protection is essential so that you can understand what will happen in a situation like this one.

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