The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Every morning I wake up with something pressing on my mind.  Often times I wake up praying that I don’t have too many issues at work, yet sometimes I wake up hoping to play a good round of golf.  Other times I wake up worried for my kids and hoping they don’t get bullied at school, or worse, be a bully at school. All these thoughts cycle regularly through my mind, but a few things I don’t wake up worried about are where my next meal is coming from, getting sick from the water I drink. or feeling fearful about leaving my home.  The worries I wake up with are much different than those of individuals in different countries, and I owe that to the brave men and women who boldly serve our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice.

I grew up in a military family.  My grandpa, great uncles, dad, and uncles have all served our great country.  My step-dad and older siblings have also served, and continue serving now.  How grateful I am to those who have served, and especially those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  When I asked my dad about his thoughts on our freedoms in America he pronounced, “Don’t ever take this lightly!!!  Travel outside this country, the United States of America, and you will see most pronto how privileged a people we are, to live in this Land.  No other country enjoys the freedoms, the rights, the opportunities, the support…God has truly blessed this Land, this country, and this people.  None of this just came about on its own, it took blood and sweat and tears!!! Sacrifices that many of us will never see, or hear about…, and we should pay tribute…everyday and especially on Memorial Day…Freedom does not come free!!”

I can personally attest to the advantages given to us by living in this great country.  When I was 19 years old I had the privilege to serve a mission for my church.  I was honored to serve amongst the people of Argentina for two years, and was able to witness first hand what their opportunities look like compared to ours, and the comparison is stark.  The opportunities to succeed in business in America are numerous and unfettered, and I wish I could say the same for Argentina. Once again, how grateful I am to those who served and gave the ultimate sacrifice, because of them our burdens are lightened.

At SIG, one of our core values is “Pass It On”.  Blessed are those who give without Interest. Who offer themselves and expect nothing in return. Hallowed are the places of small sacrifices. Where thankless work is done. Sacred are the acts of true adoration for they reveal the heart of the Divine.

We firmly believe in the importance of making a difference. Everyone at SIG holds true to the action of “passing it on”. Whether in public or in private, acts of service will keep us grounded for who we really are. Giving isn’t just a monetary action. It is our time, attention, willingness, ability to care, and truly love. Our success is simply only a mirror image of how much we give to ourselves, our families, our team, our clients, charities, and strangers. We encourage our employees to find time to “Pass it on.” True happiness, love, and success comes from when you take time to lift others and give back.

Not everyone will have to opportunity to serve their country like our brave service men and women.  So I would encourage each of you who read this, just like we do with our employees, to give back, serve,and “Pass it on”, to someone who is in need.

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