The Power of a Thank You

The Power of a Thank You

I almost fell out of my chair the other day. I was sitting comfortably at my desk and clicked the email to open and go about my daily business. The body of the email said Hey I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for doing such an amazing job!! You guys are very quick to respond and always handle my requests. Anyway just wanted to say thank you!”.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t surprised that we do a good job helping our clients. We always strive to do the best we can and help each client all we can. In this me first, right now, always expect that I deserve it society, the power of those words have been long forgotten. We even log into google and yelp and expect more bad reviews than good because we generally only publicize the negative aspects of interaction.

Growing up my father was an officer in the United States Air Force. I had the pleasure of living in Japan and in the “South”. Two places that create and push a culture of respect. You say “yes ma’am and no sir” and always display your thanks for what was provided you. In fact, my first day of middle school the teacher called roll and I answered “yeah” instead of “yes ma’am”. It was off to the principal’s office for me. I learned real fast and my mom always encouraged me to continue to use my “Southern Manners” and that advice has payed off.

The key with my client is they were more than grateful, they made sure that they displayed it to me in a positive way. I don’t have a cash register like Chick-Fil-A where I can say and voice “my pleasure” to all I talk to. A lot of interaction is over the phone and through email and you don’t get to view someone’s body language.  The power of the written “thank you” still rings strong. I can say it on the phone all day and leave the words in my email auto signature, but do I utilize the power of the written thank you like my client did to me? In the customer service world this written ‘thank you’ has drawn my attention. He will always get me to perk up and provide my best efforts when I see an email request or take a phone call. I am just like anyone who wants to be appreciated. The power behind a simple thank you will have me working twice as hard in the future for this specific client to get him to say thank you again.  

May we all recognize and begin to once again wield the power of the “Thank You”.

I want to thank Jed Marvell of Marvellous Catering and Molly’s in Provo, UT, for inspiring me to write this.

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