Are Your Tools And Electronics Insured?

Are Your Tools And Electronics Insured?

Most people know that the average homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover jewelry and artwork. But what about your special tools and electronics?

  • Tools … If you are a mechanic or work in a trade with special tools, you know how expensive those can be. If they stay at your work, make sure your business has a policy in place to insure them if something happens. If you keep them at home, consider purchasing a policy to keep them safe.
  • Electronics ... How many tablets, computers, stereos, and other electronic devices do you have laying around your home?  Consider a policy that would cover these items should they be lost or stolen.

The beauty of insurance is the security and peace of mind it brings. Rest easy knowing you have insurance policies on all the things you love. Ask your agent today about how you can get started adding these often-overlooked items to your insurance plan.

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